Wednesday, June 3, 2009


My spring training is finally over.
I have finished one and half month training in Dahab, Egypt for almost every day. It was windy and we had shot a lot of pictures and video there. Andre Paskowski was shooting in Dahab his new video with Gollito Estredo and Marcilio Browne. And 3 Brazilian chaps were sailing there too what finally makes Dahab favorit spot for Latinos as well. Looks like everybody was training super hard and the levels grow really high, so the competition this summer would be very interesting!
This year I am planning to concentrate in PWA events only. Last year gave me good experience about training, travelling and competing. This year I would be better at Canaries.
Now I`m in Moscow for some weeks – I need to make my visa, meet my sponsors, organize my trip to Canary Islands for competitions and training, work with my pictures and video and to spend the remaining time at hometown St.-Petersburg.
My Russian sponsors are optimists. Yesterday we were talking for two hours that windsurfing industry is the best investment in the time of world financial crisis and global warming age :)).
So, now you can see my new action video, some of my latest pictures and the new beautiful video profile of Olga Raskina.

See you!

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Shadowsurfer said...

Wow, Your video is amazing
Makes fun to watch ... especially the scene where you nearly crashed the photographer ...
cheers Felix

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