Sunday, June 28, 2009


A couple of days ago I arrived to Lanzarote in the Canary Islands. In a few days this island will host to the first freestyle contest of the PWA Tour 2009 – The Costa Teguise World Cup.
I managed to catch 2 nice windy days on the water with my team mates Olya Raskina, Antxon Otaegui, Ian Mouro Lemos and Andy 'Bubble' Chambers. First start is in 2 days and now the wind is not strong enough, but forecasts are pretty promising. I share a room with Philip Soltysiak from Canada – he is the most Northern participant from the West, I am the same from the East, so we are forming together Northern Sail Unit. :)
Yesterday the local windsurf shop Windsurf Paradise organized a Rookie Cup, a fun race for all. We formed a team of some of the freestyle competitors including Andy Chambers, Leo Ray, Phil Soltysiak and myself. We ended up finishing in 3rd place behind a team of old school English sailors and a team of kids who enjoyed rubbing it in our faces. At least we each got a 2 hour spa session as a prize to relax before our competition. :)
Canary Islands is a special place having plenty of wind throughout the summer, that’s why it hosts many free independent people from all parts of the world enjoying windsurfing.
Moreover – Lanzarote was the place where suspects and prisoners were sent to exile (remember canary-bird?;)) that is why the attitude towards freedom, wind and sea is very special.
Nowadays it is the tourist paradise inhabited by crowds of free positive people from Europe and today most of them are the freestyle fans including my close friends.
After the competition most of the sailors will move to Fuerteventura for training before the second PWA contest.
Every time the lead up to World Tour contests is like the day before X-mass. I am absolutely happy to be here. YIPPEE!!!!!

Keep your fingers crossed for me!!!!!

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Эльвина said...

I wish you luck, honey!!! :)

L.V. said...

fingers crossed X X

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