Monday, June 28, 2010


Yesterday was a strong wind!
Despite the fact that in the morning was cloudy, in the afternoon the sky began to clear and the wind began to blow. I was the first on the water, except one of the local racers. I sailed at my 5.3 NeilPryde Firefly and 98 JP Freestyle board and had a great time on the water. After a long period without sailing I felt fine. My knee did not hurt and I was able to jump all the tricks out of my program.

Soon all the other freestylers came on the water and started some kind of madness. The level of all riders has grown enormously since the previous year and everyone landed tricks of the new school like switch and regular Konos, Burners and Culos. What can I say about the guys from Bonaire except that they sail just amazingly? All the latest and most complicated tricks that we have seen in recent movies are just peanuts for them. Looks like the fight for the first place will be on the edge of fantasy.

Today is cloudy again but somehow there is a breeze. So we hope that later we can sail a little.
Stay in touch.

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