Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Yesterday it was a great day in the island too!
It was cloudy but the wind was blowing in the afternoon. And again I was a first rider on the water. The wind was weak and gusty but I was able to accelerate by pumping and do some tricks like double spock, shove-it spock, shaka flaka, switch moves and willy skipper variations.

Soon came Steven van Broekhoven and he showed what the champion of Europe can jump in such conditions - quick burner puneta, dry and aggressive culo, I even saw how he did shaka cana brava with interception in the air. He is a very cool and strong rider!

Then all the others went on the water. I want to mention Brazilians Levi Lenz and João "Janjão" Henrique. They greatly increased their level of freestyle adding style and aggressiveness, and I think this year they will take very high positions in the ranking.

Now it is cloudy on the beach, but there is some breeze and may be we will sail in the afternoon. Today is the last chance to prepare, as soon as tomorrow morning registration and the first heats will start

Nos vemos en el agua!

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