Monday, July 5, 2010


So the great wind blew at Lanzarote, where PWA Freestyle World Cup 2010 was held.
We had fully completed the Single Elimination of both men and women fleets. And we had only several heats of Double Elimination before the judges have decided to cancel it.
The 1st place in men’s was taken by Gollito Estredo, the 2nd by Kiri Todd, the 3rd by Tonky Frans and the 4th by Philip Soltysiak. And the 5th place was shared by Steven van Broekhoven, Bjorn Saragoza and João "Janjão" Henrique and ...  me!!!!
I want to congratulate everyone with the results, and especially Sarah-Quita Offringa, who became Freestle World champion for the 3rd time!
I almost did not train this winter and spring as there was no wind in Egypt, I'd injured my knee in Maui and also had missed the first freestyle event of PWA in Austria. But now I've got a good chance to climb on top of the overall ranking of PWA Freestyle World Tour 2010!
Now I`m in Fuerteventura to train there for 3 weeks in hardcore conditions of Sotavento beach before the next event that will take place here.
So keep in touch and wish me best of luck!!!

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Chandra said...

good luck, Egor! I will cross fingers for you! :)

Elvina said...

you're simply the best )))

george314 said...

well done mate!

erik said...

Wow, your blog looks nice!! Good PWA result too!

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