Saturday, May 1, 2010

No PWA Podersdorf World Cup 2010 for me...

Unfortunately I must inform you that I can not come to Austria to compete in the PWA freestyle World Cup at Podersdorf. My flight from Maui, Hawaii (where I`ve been for JP photoshoot) to Los Angeles was canceled, because the damage found in the plane. Plane was canceled twice. And I was not even been able to buy a ticket on another flight because the airline did not give any baggage to the passangers. So I flew to Maui only on the next day and I missed my flight to Moscow and then to Vienna. Now I`m in LA and I changed my ticket to Moscow on 1st of May. So I miss the first event of PWA freestyle World Cup. I`m very upset about that. I hope that another 3 freestyle events will take place. And I wish to all athelts good luck on the competitions and I hope that there will be strong wind.

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